Faith Church Publishing and "Bookstore" is the written-page ministry of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church. All of the products listed here have been written by Pastor Matthew Everhard or Dave Franklin.

Unknown: The Extraordinary Influence of Ordinary Christians. By Matthew Everhard (Kindle Edition). This e-book contains seven studies on the lesser-known, "ordinary" Christians that helped the Apostle Paul in Acts and the epistles of the New Testament. Discover what it is like to serve God, not for fame or recognition, but for His glory alone! Studies include lessons on: Apollos, Priscilla and Aquilla, Epaphroditus, Onesimus, and more. Click here to purchase directly this book directly to your Kindle device or e-reader for $5.99.


Lessons from Life,  by Dave Franklin, is a devotional book containing 365 daily studies--one for each day of the year! Perfect for use in groups, family worship times, or even alone, Pastor Dave Franklin has composed a volume of short devotions that will be sure to strengthen the faith of Christian believers. Each devotion can easily be read in 5-10 minutes, and comes with short reflection questions to engage the reader and take each lesson further. Click here to purchase directly this book directly to your Kindle device or e-reader for $7.99.



Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647. By Matthew Everhard. This book was written to help introduce evangelical Christians to the great puritan document, The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647).  The WCF has been the doctrinal standard of Presbyterian and Reformed churches for over 350 years, and is one of the most important theological statements written in the last one thousand years.


"Christ Our Supreme Joy: Encountering the Glory of Jesus Christ"
Based on ten of Pastor Matthew Everhard's sermons from the Gosepl of John, this 100-page book is a small treasurey of reasons why the believer can discover his or her full joy in only one place--Jesus Christ. "Christ Our Joy" is now available in the Church office and at the welcome center. Click here to purchase directly this book directly to your Kindle device or e-reader.


    "The Children's Catechism: A Parent's Resource for Scripture   Memorization." By Matthew Everhard. The Children's Catechism is a tough, durable workbook for memorizing 150 of the most important passages in Scripture. Some verses are as short as a few words; other verses will take some work. All 150 are categorized into theological sub-headings such as Jesus Christ, the Sacraments, Salvation, Heaven etc. Now available from Amazon .



Unprecious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions. By Matthew Everhard. A short e-book about Christian missions and evangelism. Designed for individual study or for use with short-term mission teams, each of these six brief chapters comes with study questions to stimulate thoughtful discussion.Pastor Matthew guides the reader through such topics as: our purpose in life, the Fall and the human condition, the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the urgency to proclaim the gospel to unreached people groups, and our responsibility to respond to the missionary calling.