We are at an exciting time at Faith Church! You may have heard rumors about an upcoming building project, and we're finally ready to reveal our plans. We are looking to reorganize and renovate our existing campus, while building new additions to give additional administrative and community spaces. Faith Church is committed to reaching this generation — and future generations — for Christ. After much prayer and many conversations with those in our congregation, the Session has approved a plan called "Generations," which aims to enhance our church's resources for every age group.

A major focus of Generations is the dedication of the existing Fellowship Hall and administrative office space to the children's program. By doing this, we can centralize all of the children's classes and the nursery to create a safer, better supervised atmosphere for our precious children. Currently, this ministry operates in various locations around our campus. When in one building, we will be able to provide an effective check-in procedure for parents, and the children will learn about the Lord in one safe and comfortable location.  As a result, the current children's classrooms in the Family Life Center will be available for adult Sunday school classes, thus eliminating the need to hold classes in the gym.

But, wait, where will the church offices go? With the children taking over the existing offices, we plan to build an administrative wing addition along the south wall of the sanctuary. This will bring all of the church employees together in one location — currently, their offices are in three separate buildings.  This will not only safeguard our staff and increase efficiency, it also will have the benefit of providing savings in utility costs during the week. This addition also will include a room for the library and a conference room.

Additionally, the Session has approved plans for a multipurpose room on the north side of the sanctuary, which we plan to use for events traditionally held in the Fellowship Hall.  It also can be divided into four individual classrooms. Additional storage is slated to be built, as well.

The centerpiece of the Generations plan is to improve the way our church ministers to children and families. As we commit to a vibrant children's ministry, we are building up the next generation of Christ followers, and as we do this, we grow our church. Children's ministry is one of the best avenues for outreach to unchurched families.

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can participate in this exciting project at Faith.

Tom and Carolyn Bronson, Generations chairpersons



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