Women in Ministry


Serve.   Lead.   Glorify.

Women of the EPC are a diverse group. We know the benefits and challenges of being a member of a large church. And we recognize the benefits and challenges of being a part of a much smaller one. Some appreciate the worship found in a traditional setting, while others freely lift their hands with the first chord of a praise chorus. We are young, a bit older, married, single, professionals, homemakers, moms, students, drink only sweet tea, have our clear preferences at Starbucks, known to be a Martha or a Mary and have been gifted in a variety of unique ways to follow God's call to us in the body of Christ. And above all, we have the same Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

EPC Women In Ministry serves local churches by developing women as servant leaders for the equipping of God's church and the enlarging of His kingdom. Such leaders are developed by encouraging, resourcing, equipping and mobilizing women to fully participate in God's work in their churches and the world. That purpose has guided what is included in this website.

Here you will find a variety of resources, ministry links, calendars, conferences and trainings, as well as, contact information for Women of Faith. If what you are looking for or needing for your ministry is not available on the site, please let us know. More than likely, other leaders may have the same need and we will look to make the resource available to you as soon as possible. We hope that this will be a resource you find valuable to your ministry.

May we join together with great enthusiasm to equip women to serve, lead and love the Body of Christ in such a way that His glory is revealed among us.

For His Glory,
Barbara Adams, Dianne Shelton, Beth Putnam, Robyn Gray, Moira Dempsey, Donna Frederick
Steering Commitee of Women of Faith