Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Schedule of Events:

Friday March 1 

  • 8:00am Beginning of Prayer Vigil until 9am March 2 - Sanctuary

Saturday March 2 

  • 8:00am to 9:30am Men of Faith hosting Breakfast in the Family Life Center (Donations on the day) Sign up sheet in church office 
  • 7:00pm Talent show and Ice Cream Social ($3 per ticket or $10 family) - Sanctuary

Sunday March 3

  • Special Celebration Worship Service at 10:30am.
  • Dinner immediately following the service in the Family Life Center. Cost: $10 each or $40 family. Tickets available in Narthex before and after church until February 24th, 2013. Tickets for this dinner need to be purchased by February 27th. There will be NO tickets sold at the door. Call the office for details.
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Judah Ben Hur (The Epic Musical)"

2 performances here at Faith EPC on Friday and Saturday 8th and 9th February 2013

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Free Admission

The Story

"Judah Ben-Hur", takes place in Jerusalem in 30-33A.D. The city simmers with political unrest and uncertainty under the iron fist of Rome.

Judah Ben-Hur is a Prince of Jerusalem who finds his family torn apart by the betrayal of Messala, Ben-Hur's childhood friend and recently appointed Commandant of the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. Judah Ben-Hur is sentenced to row in the galley of a Roman warship; his mother and sister are condemned to prison.

The play is centered on Judah Ben-Hur's eventual liberation from the galley and his efforts to find his mother and Sister. He is helped by the love and support of Esther, the woman he intends to marry. He finds that not only must he deal with his enemies,, but with the intense hatred that burns within him and spurs him on to revenge.

While being taken from Jerusalem to the ship, he has a brief encounter with "The Man From Nazareth", who is teaching and performing miracles. The mercy shown by this man as well as his dominating presence leaves a lasting impression on Ben-Hur.

Having saved the life of the fleet Admiral while at sea, he is released and returns to Jerusalem to seek his sister and mother. He is told that they have died in prison. Intent on revenge, he arranges to race in the arena against his former friend turned enemy, Mesalla. He is encouraged in his effort by "Sheik Ilderum, The Generous", a jolly Arabian horse trader who tells him, "A death in the arena would prompt no investigation, no trial". This sets the stage for the unforgettable chariot race sequence that is known world wide as the high point of the story.

Esther finds Ben-Hur's mother and sister in the valley of the lepers where they have gone upon being released from prison. Dying from leprosy, they are both healed by "The Man From Nazareth".

Upon winning the chariot race, in which Messala is killed, Ben-Hur returns home to find his mother and sister, along with Esther, waiting for him. He realizes that revenge and bitterness are not the answer to life's problems and joins them in committing his life to love and forgiveness.

The play is a heart-warming combination of music, adventure, love, and comedy that will be the highlight of the theatre season.

Copyright 2001. Ellen Sanborn and David M. Sanborn.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

We are excited to inform you of a new Sunday school class beginning this week. Maybe at the start of this new  year a class in finance is just what you need. People are more affluent than ever before. And yet, the number one cause of discouragement today is money.  Families are especially hit hard. As a result, personal debt is soaring resulting in an increasing number of financial crises.

"Master Your Money" by Ron Blue provides counseling on this critical need. No matter what your income is, the principals work.

Come learn about practical advice on maintaining organized records, creating effective budgets and organizing finances.

Time: Sunday January 20th at 9am

Where:Family Life Center (Gym) - coffee served!

Teacher: Mark Taylor

Look forward to seeing you at Families of Faith!

Paul & Rachel Watler, Doug & Melinda Chorvat, Tim & Amber Cloud, Andrew & Katherine Witherell and Doug & Moira Dempsey

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Wednesday, 09 January 2013

Pastor Matthew Everhard has just released his newest book entitled "Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647."

It can now be purchased direct from the publisher, Reformation Press ( or in the main office and welcome center of Faith Church.

Hold Fast the Faith is an introduction to the great Presbyterian statement of faith written by the Puritans, the Westminster Confession.

But make no mistake, this is not a dry history book; Hold Fast the Faith was written to take the reader through a devotional journey of this theological masterpiece. Rather than a dusty run through an old document from centuries gone by, Hold Fast the Faith is intended to be a fresh spiritual journey with Christ at the center on every page.

In the opinion of many, the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1647 is the most important Christian document written in the last 1,000 years. Let Pastor Matthew guide you, prayerfully, through this document as we treasure Christ together!

This book is available for an introductory price of $11.99.

Posted on 01/09/2013 5:38 PM by Matthew Everhard

Friday, 04 January 2013

Mission trips can be a truly life changing experience! We are excited to announce the next trip taking place in March 2013. This trip will be traveling to Laredo, Texas.

While in Laredo there will opportunities of Evangelism, feeding the homeless, along with other work as determined by our host.

Important Dates:

January 20th, 2013:  1st day of training and applications due back.

7 weeks of training, meeting every Sunday morning at 8.30am until 10.15am (Upper room in Sanctuary)

March 9 -16, 2013 Mission Trip

Application forms are available at the front office and welcome center along with a sign up sheet. Please print your name/email/telephone number clearly! If you have any questions about this trip please contact the office or call Beverly Yocum. The cost of this trip will be announced soon.

Please take note, this is the last Level Two trip before the Scotland trip (Level Three)  later this year. All applicants for a Level Three trip MUST have taken part in a Level Two prior to taking part in a Level Three Mission trip.

We look forward to having you join us on this 2013 Level Two Mission trip!

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