The Men of Faith is a ministry of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church and a fraternity of Christian men enjoying fellowship with one another, providing service to the Church, andreaching out to the community and youth. Men of Faith understands that young men, women, and youth need real Christian men in their lives. As sons of God, it is our supreme honor and duty tolay down our life for our wives in love, to discipline and lovingly guide our children, and to seek God's face by immersing ourselves in the study of His Word. By doing this, we pray that God would be pleased to influence and transform the culture around us, and bring glory to His name.

Meetings: Join the Men of Faith for breakfast at 8am Saturday meeting at Luigies in Brooksville. The Men of Faith also lead various activities such as the Church Work Days, Men with Tool Belts, and special help projects as requested. All men are welcome!


What is a real man?

A real man loves God and worships Him alone.

A real man loves God's Word and enjoys reading, studying, and meditating on it.

A real man loves his wife and is willing to die for her.

A real man leads his family - not as a dictator - but as a servant.

A real man disciplines his children.

A real man loves his children and faithfully provides for them.

A real man imparts joy, confidence, strength, and love to his family.

A real man is not harsh, but is tender and kind with his wife and children.

A real man loves God's commandments.

A real man hungers and thirsts for righteousness.

A real man hates evil and actively opposes it.

A real man is not afraid to speak out against evil and injustice.

A real man desires ALL to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth.

A real man will rebuke sin, lies, and blasphemy.

A real man is not a coward - he is steadfast and courageous.

A real man cares for widows and orphans.

A real man defends the innocent and helps the helpless.

A real man who can find? 
Because of our sinful nature, all men will inevitably fall short of God's standard for Biblical manhood. But will we not strive for righteousness, holiness and perfection? Yes, of course we will. And by the grace of God we will be victorious. It is not our own strength that wins the battle. It is the LORD, strong and mighty, who goes before us! We are the MEN of FAITH.


We invite you to be part of our contact list for future emails, events and volunteering. Click here.


  • The Men of Faith will be meeting for a book study starting on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month in the Library at Faith church at 7pm.  Led by Doug Dempsey with Pastor Dave.
  • Tuesday Morning Prayer Group at 7am in the Library with Don Nelson.
  • Jericho Chaplaincy - meets at Jericho on the Third Monday and Tuesday of each month. (Jim Shelton, Andy Black, Doug Dempsey, Merrel Whitman) Must be approved via Jericho prior to attending.

The Tool Belt Ministry seeks new volunteers to help. We welcome both men and women to join us in this ministry of Faith (previously under Men of Faith). Our purpose is to help out church members in need. 

Click here if you are able to assist or call Dan at 352-575-3984.